Team Juju Year Review

Posted 25 December 2015

As 2015 draws to a close I would like to take some time to reflect on our season. It all started off as a normal season with Friday night racing being the highlight of the week. Due to work commitments Monday night racing had to take a back seat.
Then came June and a call from Nina asking if I wanted to go and sail with the French team at the European Championships, that’s when the bug bit!
There is nothing like it, close J24 racing is the best in the world, I did not want it to end, but more to the point I wanted my crew to experience the buzz as I had felt.
After a few phone calls we managed to get a spot, to sail at the World championships in Germany. We normally have a loyal base crew of four so the hunt was on for a fifth, easy to find when there is a trip to the worlds involved.
The training started in ernest 4-5 times a week with the crew growing stronger with every outing. We may not have been the best in the world but we held our heads high and did ourselves proud. What an experience! The level of competition is extremely high and the racing fierce. We have put what we learned in those 5 short days into practice and have now managed to break into the winners circle in the UK fleet.
2016 is looking as if it is going to be a busy season with 6 major events already on the Calendar.
JuJu is now repaired after her mishap at the worlds, thanks to Marine options for doing the repairs.
Jabulani is going to be back on the water as our training boat and JuJu is to be kept dry for the major events.
So what started off as a quiet 2015 season ended on the highest high in sailing I have had in my 43 year on the water. A big thanks must go out to my crew for putting up with me and my mission, I believed in you and you have now shown me that it can be done!
2016 will bring more challenges
Cheers (look me in the eyes)
Your Captain