New (ISAF’d) J24 Class Rules

Posted 08 September 2014

J/24 New Rules and Rules Conversion

Please go to this page and review the “ISAF Rules Conversion for the J/24 Class: Explanation” and the

“J/24 ISAF Class Rules Conversion: Document.” The Rules now follow the required ISAF template and format. It has taken many months for Tim Winger, ITC Chair, to complete this conversion. Along the way, there has been extensive input from several individuals with deep experience with the ISAF Rules in other Classes. These Rules were then examined by the ITC, Executive Committee and J/Boats, and are now ready for Class member review.


The accompanying “Explanation” document explains the conversion in general and item-by-item changes that go beyond just formatting. Please review the Rules document and let us know your thoughts and opinions on the Forum.

Comments must be posted at

prior to September 15.


NB Also, please copy comments to the UK Committee, so that we can feed them into the WCM in October.