How do I qualify for the 2020 J24 Worlds at Parkstone UK?

Posted 07 November 2018

The UK J24 Association is allocated a certain number of places for each World Championship event, based on the number of paid up members it has. In addition the host country has some additional places allocated – but these are restricted to provide a pool of charter boats for overseas competitors. Past world champions have an entry allocated.

The UKJCA compiles an annual ranking list based on results from qualifying events held throughout the previous year. The schedule of qualifying events are published on the UKJCA website at the start of each season, and these can include UK, European and world wide locations.

 Places for the worlds are allocated by the UKJCA from this ranking list and if eligible helms do not take up their place it can be allocated to those below them . 

Rankings relate to named helms, not individual boats.

 To qualify for a World Championship the helm must have been a member of the Class Association for the current and previous year, have amassed sufficient points from qualifying events and be allocated a place by the UKJCA. 

For the worlds in 2020 in the UK the four qualifying events are held in 2019

The four UK events in 2019 are  : Dartmouth 27th 28th April 2019 : Parkstone YC 25th – 27th May 2019 : Nationals Plymouth July 12  13 14 2019 : Poole YC 28th – 29th September 2019

In Addition – the J24 Europeans & 2019 Worlds have a weighted points allocation

Europeans in Greece May 4th to 11th 2019

World Champs – Miami -19th – 26th October 2019 (Qualification in 2018 Required)

Allocation of Boats for 2020

5 boats for uk due to the size of our membership

Double for continent

Triple for home country

Plus two from Home club

Plus youth

Plus all female crew

A total of 19 places

In Addition – our past world Champion – Ian Southworth has an entry.

 John Allen

UK J24 Class Secretary

+44 7971 558715